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Craft Cluster Intensive is an experiential travel & networking program focused on rich Indian textiles and textile crafts and is designed to inspire and propel the entrepreneurial/design journey of a Fashion & Textile (F&T) professionals of today. Its an opportunity to travel with group of passionate textile/fashion professionals and get frst hand experience of various indian crafts right from the artisans, meet entrepreneurs who have succeeded in establishing a creative or cultural business to revive the art form Intensive also provides opportunity to connect with manufacturers and wholesalers for your sourcing needs.

Who is it for: Designers, Stylists, Bloggers, Publicists, Fashion Designers, Entrepreneurs, Influencers and Fashion Enthusiasts in short, anybody who's seriously passionate about all things fashion & textile.

Travel Dates : 19 NOV - 27 NOV


  • Indian culture is often spoken about, here’s your chance to experience all of its glory.

  • How are fabrics designed? Cultivate inspiration and refine design sensibilities with the experiences on the Intensive.

  • The Indian fashion industry is a billion-dollar one, understand its functioning through industry expert interactions. On the other hand, artisans have contributed immensely to make Indian fashion sustainable. Discover ways to create sustainable fashion in workshop sessions with artisans.

  • A brands success story or a narrative on the revival of a craft can give your work the inspiration it has been lacking.

  • Meet craftsmen and get sourcing partners for your designs.

  • Craftsmen have not been recognized for their creativity and effort. The Intensive could bring them a step closer to the limelight.

Industry Experts

Darshin Shah Bhavin Trivedi

Darshin Shah Bhavin Trivedi

Co-founders at DSBT, Fashion visionaries

Suman D Khatri

Sumar D Khatri

National award winner artisan, Rogan Art


Kala Raksha

Preservation of traditional arts center, Bhuj.

Siju Shamji Vishram

Siju Shamji Vishram

National awardee,UNESCO seal of excellence

Rahul Savli

Rahul Savli

Master Weaver, Patola

Manish Reshamwala

Manish Reshamwala

Fashion designer, Appreciated for his contemporary version of Indian fashion

INR 70,000
+ 5% GST

INR 75,000
+ 5% GST

INR 90,000
+ 5% GST



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So, you have questions, don’t worry we all do:
  • Fill out the required information in the application form
  • You will receive an email with detailed information & brochure
  • Shortlisted applicants will have an in-depth call with curator/project manager
  • Selected candidates will receive an offer letter for the intensive
  • We look at intent, hunger and adaptability. As far as we know your intent and understand the direction your personal or professional life is headed and that matches with the finer details of the intensive, we should be ok. The community experience makes sure each creator brings a unique flavour on our intensive and the value of the intensive is optimised.

    Our intensive have travelled to 15 countries, conducted over 15 intensives and 25 experiences, and we have a community of over 15000 design enthusiasts. Still thinking?

    Our certificates are being recognised by thought leaders and corporates who believe in the power of experiential and practical knowledge, they are industry early adopters who understand the difference between a tourist and a traveller. Go on show it off on your Linkedin profile and see the difference.

    Amongst your group, hell yes, get ideas, perfect your pitch, fine tune your skill and take as much as you can, including sales if any; as far as you are not disturbing the community we’l be good.

    However, when we do meet industry experts, stalwarts or mentors, pitching for your business is not appreciated, you’re welcome to exchange business cards and introduce yourself and your company but sales pitches are not welcome unless requested.

    Creating a truly valuable experience takes months of work from a dedicated team and a thousand exchanges of email in between time zones and barriers of language and schedules. Our experts, artisans and partners all put in tons of effort to give you an impactful experience. Yes this costs time, and yeah, you guessed it, money. We charge for the extras as nobody else puts in the networking, inspiration & growth in the travel.

    The intensive is built for creative professionals and not built like a school. You are free to come for the sessions, experiences or cities or explore the city on your own. The programme is designed to offer not order.Pick and choose your battles.

    The group is curated to make a diverse group of peers from diverse backgrounds, so sure, you will connect with some and may not with all, but that’s ok. You’re on your individual growth journey being supported and supporting the community, keep going and learn a few new people skills.

    Your curator of our intensive is your friend and guide on the intensive. He/She is available to chat up and show you direction in your endeavours. Your curator would have experience on the topic and has worked very hard to give you this experience. Respect them as a friend, and they will go the extra mile.

    Your Project manager comes from a similar background as you, is passionate enough to show you around and be the friend that you need whilst on tour. She has worked intensely to make this experience worth your time and will be your friend on the intensive. She is responsible for the logistics, planning and execution on tour.

      Sure, as far as
    • They can curate your group as against filling it.
    • Manage to give you immersive and hands on experiences.
    • Get a community of professionals from the same industry.
    • Get industry experts of our calibre.
    • Provide hands-on experience & real life case studies discussed on tour.

    If you find all this and all the other advantages of community travel, invite us too?