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The Spatial Intensive will focus mainly on four pillars that form the foundation of a studio practice in the current climate on this intensive


Visit award winning design studios to understand and explore the melange of exotic art and craft, and modern architecture in Bali.Travel through the expanses of rice fields in Ubud, a topography which houses rich and archetypal design and local artisans. This experience will lend to your learning of art, architecture and the open greens as an interdependent discipline in creating a holistic living experience.You are to draw from this experience and understand the spirit of ideation.


Expression begins with putting pen to paper. In the spatial intensive, creators will begin with bringing to life, their inspiration of having explored the various faces of Sri Lanka and Bali. Their version of this larger than life experience has to presented, in their own language through media likes sketches, schematics, illustrations and portfolio standards through assigned tasks accomplished by concerted individual efforts. Creators will be assessed on their presentation skills of their ideas and complex designs.


Bringing to life the inanimate. In order to bring to life, a creator has to gain the understanding and master certain skills and techniques. From the process of construction involving man, material and machine, skill sets and techniques required to achieve a finished product, a creator has to go through the Process. The Intensive will need the Creators' to conduct research and work on exercises that will introduce and reinforce concepts such as sustainable wood harvest, production planning and timelines, intricacies of manufacturing, finding the right finishes and quality analysis through factory visits in China. These assignments will be completed under the guidance of mentors and industry experts.


Telling the story. This intensive will equip you to to communicate your expression with an audience throughmediums, your art and architecture and create an impact on communities. The research, process and realization of the Creators' lookbook has to be finally presented using illustrative techniques like models, perspective views, anthropometric data. Tools like photography, commentaries, journalism will help influence the masses and create a mark of the Creator's language of expression. By the end of this journey a creator will be able to showcase an intensive understanding of design and be able to chart a vision for a label product line or for a successful studio practice.




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hasan calislar



Born in Istanbul 1969. Following his education at Istanbul Saint Michel High School, he graduated from the Mimar Sinan University Faculty of Architecture in 1992. He founded ‘Erginoğlu&Çalışlar Architects’ in 1993, together with Kerem Erginoğlu.
He was awarded the ‘Art of Building Conservation Award’ for the ‘Tuncel House’ in the National Architecture Awards of 1996, the ‘Building Award’ for the ‘Military School Swimming Pool Complex’ in the National Architecture Awards of 2000, AMV Young Architects Award in 2004, 4th prize in the international competition for the ‘Turkish Embassy in Berlin’ in 2007, 1st prize in the invited competition of ‘Tarsus Sev Elementary School Campus’ in 2009 and ‘Design Award’ for ‘Tarsus Sev Elementary School Campus Project’ in the National Architecture Awards of 2010, ‘Preservation-Revitalisation Award’ for “Salt Repository-Medina Turgul DDB Head Quarters” in the National Architecture Awards of 2010, the ‘Building Award’ for the “Turkcell Technology Research and Development Building” in the National Architecture Awards of 2010, the “New&Old Award” for the “Salt Repository-Medina Turgul DDB Head Quarters” in the World Architecture Festival 2010, Iconic Award for “The New Power Station” from the German Design Council in 2015, Building Category, Achievement Award for the ‘TAC-SEV New Campus’ in the National Architecture Exhibition and Awards 2016. He has been a guest lecturer at Mimar Sinan University, Istanbul Technical University, Yıldız Technical University and The University of Minnesota. He is a member of the Chamber of Architects and Istanbul Architects Association. His projects and articles have been published in various architectural magazines.





Raeshma Kousar specializes in the field of interior design. Her keen understanding of the need to integrate this with building and landscape aesthetics and her strength in providing innovative design solutions to emerging project trends, has her as principle design lead consultant in some of the country’s best architects studios. Her work won her the Young Architects design Award Competition 2012 by IA&B. She is a Specialist catalogue consultant at MS Archid Ply and Principal on Swatch-Product selection. She also leads Textile & soft furnishing for hospitality design. Her desire to share her experience and knowledge lead her as a guide and visiting faculty in various design universities. Her interest in philanthropy had her extend her studies in Social Justice & equality at Educational Praxis in USA. A strong supporter of preserving green, her love for music, art, writing & her passion for travel, all encompasses a personality of wit, brilliance & exemplary eye for detail.

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Director – Startups at Microsoft Corporation India

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