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Our creators are from different nationalities and different professions but with the same unwavering vision to learn, network and grow. Find the list of our creators and their work done on one of our intensives here. All the work done on board are works that belong to our creators and only shared and amplified by us. Take a peek!

The Fashion Intensive

The Fashion Intensive had creators from diverse backgrounds. We had on board Fashion stylists, fashion bloggers and fashion designers. Click here to view snapshots of the work presented by our creators.


The Jewellery Intensive

Our Jewellery Intensive had on board a talented pool of applicants from the field. Click here for more details about them.


The Spatial Intensive

The Spatial Intensive takes creators on a journey of artistic exploration through the tropics of Sri Lanka, Bali and to the engineering environs of China panning across 15 Days.