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India's varied handicrafts and handloom makes it a goldmine for fashion designers. From fine silk to cotton it has countless types of weaves and handicraft with motifs inspired by architecture, mythology and its rich cultural and traditional history. While the world has been talking about making sustainability the future, Indian handlooms and textile crafts can definitely show them a way, because it has been practising it as a way of life since generations. Questerra presents a unique opportunity for fashion students/professionals across the globe to meet artisans, learn from them, make sourcing connects, get inspired to create their own niche!

Interact with people working on reviving the practices and giving it a new meaning.Explore the culture of India during the trip, spend time and dine with these talented craftsmen to ideate and reach greater heights.

Hit us up, if your college or organization would be interested in organizing such an experience for you. We would gladly get in touch with the respective authorities and curate a program to satisfy your learning needs. And further, on facilitating a connection with your college/organization we have a special gift for you.

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