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Blogging is often discussed but its importance is not fully understood and to change that we have the Blogger’s Intensive. Set in the picturesque Balinese land, our travellers with these experiences and interactions fine-tune their blogging skills. How to notch up followers? How to widen the reach? How to strike up collaborations? How to create content that makes a difference? How to present that content effectively? Learn all this and more in the course of the Bloggers Intensive.

Who is it for: Bloggers, Influencers, Digital Marketer, content writers and anyone who is keen to understand blogging.

Travel Dates : 2-8 January 2020

Travel to network and perfect your growth journey, with the industry’s finest !
  • In this content driven age, many bloggers are uninformed on the techniques of making a blog profitable. Niki Mehra a blogger who needs no introduction will take you through the process from start to finish.

  • An effective blog is marked by the reach it has acquired. And blogger’s often question ‘How do I make my content shareable-worthy?’ Learn the art of creating compelling and relatable content that establishes a connection with the reader/viewer

  • Blogging is not limited to churning out content it includes photography, styling and an engaging Instagram feed. The Intensive touches upon all of this and tells you everything you need to know. You are one step away from being a successful blogger.

  • A blogger attracts followers on the basis of brand endorsements. In the Intensive this an area we discuss at length. Return back and collaborate with brands you wish to champion

  • As a blogger you are constantly in search of new products or experiences to showcase to your followers. The Intensive is filled with a myriad of experiences that will interest many.


Niki Mehra



Niki Mehra, is a name that needs no introduction in the digital marketing industry. She is a digital content creator and influences fashion, beauty and lifestyle choices through her social media. The economist turned fashion influencer took the leap of faith in late 2016 to realise her real love for people, places, fashion and brands.

Multiple award winner, Niki today makes her journey look very effortless and successful; having worked for brands such as CalvinKlein, Tissot, NYFW, Myntra and Genesis to name a few from the sea, however, her journey is a story to tell. Niki is passionate about spreading her experience, her successes and failures so that more and more people can learn from them and use the path to grow in the crowded digital marketing world of 2020.

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