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TRAVEL, NETWORK & GROW with a group of industry peers in locations of industry relevance on a tour designed by your industry expert. Meet professionals and get insights from experiential sessions, processes & visits; Use the travel and networking to grow

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Imagine. Travel and the inspiration when you start a new journey, to a new place to get away, to learn to meet new people, to grow, personally or professionally. This is the beauty of travel when you leave one person and you return as another. Every new place brings with it its energy which you can choose to keep with you and help you grow, now think travel with a group of people who share the same passion of their craft, just like you.


What if you could pair your travel with meeting some of the most impactful people of your industry in a different country or region? Questerra’s tours are designed to encourage you to meet and interact with people of your industry within your travel group and outside. We setup meetings and interactions waitpeople who matter and can help you build your business or craft to a new level.


We’ve used travel as a medium to grow personally and professionally for generations, we’re just making this a more accessible platform for everyone to grow. While on tour you will be completing projects and tasks that are designed and curated to chart your professional growth, like making capsule collections or designing the next piece of jewellery for the Queen, So in short grow while you network with the right people, do the projects designed for your growth and get inspired by the local crafts to take your career to a new high.


Fashion Intensive

Curated learning experience for fashion enthusiasts

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Performing Arts Intensive

Inspirational learning experiences for dance professionals,Students and enthusiasts

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Culinary Intensive

It is time to live, breathe and immerse your mind, body and soul into the world of cooking

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Jewellery Intensive

Experience the glitz and shine of the jewellery industry along with the sweat and toil that goes into making signature pieces.

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Spatial Intensive

Journey of artistic exploration through Bali and to the engineering environs of China

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film intensive

Experience the magic of filmmaking and learn from the best in the two industries, Hollywood and Bollywood

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